Kentucky Mining Institute

Coal Mining Reference Book
Sixth Edition, 2012

The Kentucky Mining Institute (KMI) would first like to thank the Kentucky Coal Education Program for funding the creation of this Coal Mining Reference Book Sixth Edition. KMI is also grateful to the late Jed Mosgrove who, with Cloyd McDowell, authored the first Coal Mining Reference Book in 1948 and edited the subsequent editions. Finally, thank you to J. Steven Gardner, who was co-editor of the fifth edition, for stressing the need for a new edition and spearheading the effort to update the book.

Special appreciation is given to the following groups and individuals who made significant contributions to the revisions and updates in this edition:

For updating, revising and editing:

Kentucky Office of Mine Safety and Licensing
Executive Director Johnny Greene and staff, with special thanks to:
Franklin J. Reed, Director of Safety Analysis Training and Certification
Gregory Goins, Deputy Chief Accident Investigator Pikeville District
Tony Casebolt,Mine Safety Instructor Pikeville District
Danny Hurt, Mine Safety Instructor Martin District
Tim Fugate, Accident Investigator Pikeville District
Jerome Howard, Surface Mine Safety Analyst Martin District
Ricky Johnson, Barbourville District Supervisor

University of Kentucky
Rick Honaker
Braden Lusk
Thomas Novak
Kyle Perry
Joseph Sottile
BTU Sales, LLC – Samuel S. Johnson
ECSI, LLC – J. Steven Gardner
Premier Elkhorn Coal Company – David Wilder
Rajkovich, Williams, Kilpatrick & True, PLLC – Marco M. Rajkovich, Jr.

For critical review of the text:
TECO Coal Corporation – David Blankenship
BTU Sales, LLC – Samuel S. Johnson
ECSI, LLC – J. Steven Gardner

For editing and layout work:
Innovative ISD – Heather E. Arrowsmith

For editing and coordinating the efforts of each group:
Midway College – Shannon P. Lusk

For overseeing the project and acting as liaison with the state:
Kentucky Coal Association – David A. Moss